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Troy Willems

Born and raised in Queensland, I have always been an avid animal lover, with a particular passion for cats. My childhood was filled with the joy of raising an array of pets, from dogs and cats to guinea pigs, birds, and even tropical fish. Our family pets were always lovingly adopted, regardless of breed, and they became cherished members of our household.


In 2005, my life took an exciting turn when I stumbled upon an article about Bengal cats. The concept of these domesticated hybrids with Asian Leopard Cat lineage instantly captivated me. Following extensive research, I knew I had to introduce these magnificent felines into my life. In early 2006, I joined the FCCV as a breeder, operating under the Voodoocatz prefix, and soon acquired my first breeding pair.


My journey into the world of cat shows began in late 2006, showcasing my first male. Although he was not suited for the show bench, I persevered and found success with my home-bred show cat, Voodoocatz Khanji. Khanji possessed the perfect temperament and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the show circuit, eventually achieving the prestigious titles of CCCA Champion and Emerald Grand Champion.


Alongside my involvement as a breeder and exhibitor, I delved into the world of cat stewardship with the FCCV, where I had the privilege of working with esteemed domestic and international judges. An exciting opportunity to undertake the        Group 2 & 3 judge's courses presented itself, and I eagerly embraced the challenge. I successfully obtained my open judging license for Groups 2 & 3 in January 2017, and I relish the opportunity to evaluate short-haired cats at events nationwide.


During 2023 I took my judging knowledge to the next level to become an all breeds judge and successfully completed my Group 1 theory judging requirements. Once I successfully complete my Longhair Probationary status I will be able to continue my career as an All Breeds Judge across local, interstate, and international assignments.


My journey from a childhood surrounded by beloved family pets to a dedicated judge in the world of feline beauty and grace has been a remarkable and fulfilling one.


Phone 0400 117821  


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