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Troy Willems

Throughout my childhood my family had always had pets, we always had dogs and cats and on occasion guinea pigs, birds and tropical fish also.  Our cats were always moggies and our dogs always cross breeds - it didn't matter to us as we loved them all.

​I was born and bred in Queensland spending the majority of my childhood in Central Queensland and my late teenage years and early adulthood in South-East Queensland.  I relocated my young family to Victoria in May 2005 due to work commitments.

​In late 2005 I stumbled across an article on the Bengal breed and instantly fell in love of the idea of a domesticated hybrid with Asian Leopard Cat links.  I did some further research into the breed and knew that I had to have these magnificent cats in my life.  I joined the FCCV in early 2006 as a breeder under the Voodoocatz prefix and secured my first breeding pair shortly thereafter.  I started showing my Seal Mink Marbled Male in late 2006 but unfortunately he didn't quite have the right temperament for the show bench and he was retired from the show bench early on.  My next home bred show cat Voodoocatz Khanji was the complete opposite of his father and absolutely loved every minute of every show whether being judged on the show bench, waiting patiently in his show cage or getting out to meet the public after judging was completed.  Khanji had a very successful show career also making his way to CCCA Champion and Emerald Grand Champion status.

​ I had become a judging steward with the FCCV and thoroughly enjoyed my time working with some wonderful judges both domestic and international.  An opportunity arose to undertake the Group 2 & 3 judge’s courses with the FCCV.  I put forward my application and was accepted into the course.  I really enjoyed the course and all of the trainee judging assignments.

​I obtained my open judging license for Groups 2 & 3 in January 2017 and I love getting around to judge short-haired cats all over the country.


Phone 0400 117821  


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