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The Ocicat is a medium to large, well-spotted agouti cat of moderate type. It displays the look of an athletic animal, well muscled and solid, graceful and lithe, yet with a fullness of body and chest. It is alert to its surroundings and shows great vitality, being particularly noted for its wild appearance. Males are generally larger than females.


CCCofA Ocicat Standard


If you wish to be added to the breeders list, please contact the Secretary via our contact form.



The home of Victoria's first Ocicats
Breeding the following colours:

Chocolate, Cinnamon & Lilac Spotted 

Chocolate, Cinnamon & Fawn Spotted


Mrs Anne Stickland
Phone: (03) 9589 5749
Mobile: 04185 68152


Email: xanthorhea@hotmail.com

Oz Catz

Web: www.ozcatz.com

Email: ocicats@optusnet.com.au