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The Balinese is a semi longhaired cat, derived from the Siamese breed. Due to the coat length, the Balinese appears to have softer lines and less extreme type. There is less contrast between the point and body colour than the Siamese. However, the type, and colour of the body, points and eyes conform in all respects to the Siamese standard. The long hair may diffuse but never conceal the Siamese type


CCCofA Balinese Standard


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Kutie Balinese

Beautiful, People Loving, Hypo - Allergenic, Inside Breed. A soft version of Siamese with an easy care, semi long fur. Kittens available quarterly in most colour points and patterns. Ros Meadmore.


Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

Phone: 0419 349 897

Kutie Balinese



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