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Leanne Adams



My love of cats began as a little girl growing up in the Western District on a dairy farm, we always had cats and various other pets growing up. Such a wonderful childhood experience.

I then moved to the city and have been working as a Community Psychiatric Nurse on the Crisis Assessment Treatment Team (CATT Team) for over 30 years, which I am still doing and thoroughly love my job.

I brought my first desexed Birman show neuter many years ago, and began showing with the FCCV, the rest is history.       Falling head over heels for the beautiful Birman breed, and still enjoy breeding these beautiful cats. I had a picture on my phone of a beautiful Black silver classic tabby American Shorthair,  from China, said to  myself one day I will get one of these. Once again the rest is history, I have been on an amazing journey breeding the American Shorthairs.

My 2 adult children share my love of cats, so very much a family affair. Now after completing my Longhair Judges course, I look forward the future judging in the cat fancy.

I can be contacted on 0457956454 or email –

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