Kerrith Wilkinson

* Retired from Judging. 2020.

Like most children, I always had pet cats at home, though my first pedigreed cats were two Siamese. The first one I actually showed was a Blue Tabby Point called Budaya Blue Charro in 1979.

My cat breeding career moved in a different direction when I fell in love with British Shorthairs and obtained my first Blue girl, Barraby Miss Tiggywinkle in 1982. My prefix is Romsey, but I made a decision to stop breeding because I didn't like parting with the kittens I had bred.
As a result, I moved into the area judging instead.


My first British kitten won Best Victorian Bred Entire Kitten at her first Royal Melbourne Show in 1982. However, the best British I bred was Romsey Rum Tum Tugger, who did extremely well as a kitten in his first year on the bench in 1985.


Clubs/Registration councils:
I am and have always been a member of the Feline Control Council of Victoria, though I have other related interests in the cat world. I have been Vice President of Shorthair Cat Club and for a time in the mid-1980's I put a lot of energy into Yarra Valley Cat Club.


Before I moved into judging, I stewarded for a number of years, but did my Group 3 (Shorthair other than Siamese-type) judging course in 1990. I have since obtained my Group 2 licence in 2004 and my Group 1 licence in 2010 making me an all breeds judge. I judge frequently for many clubs within Victoria, interstate and overseas. I judge frequently for many clubs within Victoria, interstate and overseas.


I believe strongly that if a cat or kitten does not want to be shown, it should be left at home. This benefits the cat, the steward, judge and the owner in the long-run. No-one wants their cat marked "UTH" and the cat, who is the main concern, is happier.



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