Roger Frittel


Quite a lot of people know me as a happy, always open and warm hearted person. I am very easy going and like a laugh.

Over 20 years ago (add a few more on!) I started showing a colourpoint Persian. I had so much fun that I decided to start breeding those "fluffy" little darlings. After 18 months of waiting for a very extreme typed Persian female, she finally arrived from Sophie Hope–Johnston (Solaris Cattery Adelaide). I was so proud to show this beautiful black girl, her name was "Solaris Sweet Baroness".

Later on, I received a black smoke Persian male kitten from "Mynamz Cattery" and that's where it all began. I loved and still love breeding me smokes, of any colour. Over the years I introduced the tabby pattern. Now of course, I do breed one of the very attractive patterns, a stunner of a pattern......the silver tabby.

I was always very impressed with the orange eyed whites, yes I do agree with you, it is very hard, but, when you do have a beautiful O.E. White and present it in the proper way, its just breath taking.

In 2003/04 I started my Group 1 Judges course and completed and passed this successfully. Thank you very much to all concerned.

My first Group 1 Judging assignment was on September 12th 2004, I couldn't ask for a better start to Judge, I truly was in "Heaven", a day I will never forget....

Since I started judging, I have come a long way, it was a very big honour to be invited from Dennis Turner and Pat Andrews to NSW and judge at the Ku–Ring–Gai Cat Show! The Himalayan Cat Club show. Two years in a row 2007/08. Lorraine Vahland, "discovered me @ this show" and Lorraine invited me to judge in Canberra, I have to admit, we had lots of fun and enjoyment. Since I have my Judges licence, I came around and I have met through my judging, absolutely wonderful people, we had lots of fun and laughs, just a great time....just the way it should be at a cat show.

My first overseas assignment was in New Zealand, in August 2009, after that, I'm now every year once or twice, somewhere in New Zealand judging those wonderful Cats and Kittens – Thank you very much.

The meaning of breeding and showing and now Judging is "Enjoyment, Fun and lots of Laughs", use those words as your Keywords, like I do and you will see you will have always a very enjoyable day at the cat show. I hope that will never stop.


I can be contacted as follows:


5 Barratt Court ,
Noble Park
Victoria 3174.
Phone 03 9574 6971

 0498 391 551