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Kerrith Wilkinson

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JUDGES LICENCE: All Breeds & Tutor Judge



My love for felines continues today with my pet Squirt, a black tabby rescue cat.  He is a wonderful friend who brings much enjoyment to our family.



I was introduced to the cat world in the 70’s as a teenager and began showing in 1979 with my first show cat, a Blue Tabby Point Siamese called Budaya Blue Charro.
I then fell in love with British Shorthairs and obtained my first blue girl, Barraby Miss Tiggywinkle in 1982.  I continued to show and breed British under the prefix Romsey and had successes in the 1980’s, especially with a Blue British named Romsey Rum Tum Tugger.


I enjoyed learning and participating in all aspects of the Feline Control Council of Victoria (FCCV) organisation.  From the paperwork, stewarding, running shows, and finally becoming a judge.  As I didn’t like parting with my kittens, I stopped breeding and still enjoy cat shows by judging.

I have always been a member of the FCCV and over the years have been a member of the Shorthair Cat Club and the Yarra Valley Cat Club. I also assisted running the FCCV Feline Health Shows which raised funds for Feline Health.   I provided our ‘Focus on Felines’ Newsletter to the FCCV members, attended CCCA meetings, run Judge’s seminars and Judge’s training courses, speak at Stewards’ programs and am a member of the FCCV Judge’s Sub-committee.


I became a Group 3 judge in 1990, gained my Group 2 licence in 2004 and my Group 1 licence in 2010 making me an all-breeds judge. I am currently a CCCA All Breeds Tutor Judge and judge for many clubs within Victoria, interstate and overseas.


I have met many lovely people over the years who I now call my friends. What I find most enjoyable is judging a well-loved feline who is happy to be on the show bench.                      


My mantra for life is “Learn something new every day”.



Kerrith Wilkinson

1 Eucalypt Drive Lilydale


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