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Rod U'Ren


JUDGES LICENCE: All Breeds & Tutor Judge

I live in rural Victoria, 65km east of Melbourne and had my first pet cat at age 3. I joined the FCCV in 1967 and am now the longest-serving active member of the organization. I started breeding pedigreed cats in 1968, and had a highly successful show career with them, breeding mostly Persians [under the Firnbank, Sublime and Preview prefixes], but also Exotics, Scottish Folds and Singapuras.

Starting judging in 1978, and have judged widely in South Africa, USA, New Zealand and most of Asia. Guest judging CFA shows in Asia in 2006 and have since judged about 70 CFA shows. At the start of 2018, applying to become a CFA judge and was granted Approved All Breed status in 2019; being the only CFA judge living in Australia.

Due to Covid, travel overseas seemed unwise, plus family commitments and problems in the Australian fancy lead me to re-enter the cat world in Australia late 2022 and regrettably to resign as a CFA judge.

Now officially the FCCV President and Registrar, and remains the CCCT Registrar and am once again a CCCA all breeds judge, though with much broader experience than I had 15 years ago.

Hoping for a busy but calmer life without all the travel.


I can be contacted as follows:


Mr Rod U'Ren

c/o Post Office

SEVILLE, Victoria 3139 Australia
Mobile: 0402 077 246


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