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Marlene Chasemore




Introduction to cats:
Like many people, I always had domestic pet cats as a child, but acquired my first Chinchilla when I was 26, which is what started my breeding and showing career.

Breeding and Showing:
Under the Chinlea prefix, I bred my first cat in 1973. I have worked hard and continually since then to improve the type, nature, coat colour and eye colour of Chinchillas; success in which was measured by my winning Best Group 1 Kitten at the Royal Melbourne Show with a twelve week old Chinchilla kitten; a feat which I don't think has not been equalled since. This success was followed by my becoming involved in breeding solid colour Persians, in which I specialise.

On the show bench, my stock has amassed a large number of Best in Show and Supreme Exhibit in Show awards, both within Victoria and in other Australian states. My cats, kittens and neuters have frequently been placed in finals of Cat of the Year in the FCC, being awarded Group 1 (Longhair) Kitten of the Year in 1995 and Desexed Cat of the Year in 1996 and 1997 with Chinlea Zirconia.

Clubs and Councils:
From the outset, I was a member of the FCC Vic inc. I have held continual membership of the Pedigreed Persian Cat Club of Victoria inc. since 1973, am currently President of the club and have been Secretary over many years. I am a member of many other Victorian cat clubs.


Show experience includes many times Show Manager for the Royal Melbourne Show, the FCC Open Show, for Pedigreed Persian and Melbourne Cat Clubs. For fourteen years I was a member of the FCC Committee, which administers the feline fancy for most of Victoria's members.


My many years experience as a card room and judges steward lead me to become a judge in 1981; specialising in Group 1, which includes Persians and other Longhair breeds. I regularly judge in different parts of Australia and New Zealand, together with my many local assignments.


I was Assistant Group 1 Tutor Judge in 1989 and have been a member of the training panel for new stewards in the FCC.


I enjoy open, talk-style shows, both as exhibitor and judge. I believe that when one takes up judging, it needs to be done with an open, impartial mind and with a knowledge of the standard. I enjoy judging, particularly encouraging new exhibitors and interacting with all exhibitors at open shows. I believe my continued breeding experience keeps me in touch with all aspects of judging.



I can be contacted at:


1975 Healesville-Kooweerup Rd.,
Yellingbo, Vic., 3139,


Tel: (0359) 648 298.

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