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Geoff Beckett


Greetings fellow fanciers, I guess 2020 is a landmark for me with 52 years membership of the FCCVictoria, joining in 1968.  I have held a judging licence since 1974 and have been an FCCV All Breeds Judge since 1992. I have made many friendships in this time in the cat fancy but alas, many of those friends are no longer with us.  Still it was great to have had those friendships in the course of my life. 

An interest in exhibition animals and in particular Siamese, British, Persians and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels has been an obsession for most of my life and I am grateful for the joy these interests have brought me. 

From a summer holiday job, I saved for my first pedigree cat, a bluepoint Siamese.  I entered her in the Lilydale Show of 1968, with little success, the number of Siamese entries were significant then.  But the seeds were sown for this life long journey into the world of small animal exhibition.  

I have had the opportunity to observe, handle and assess, probably thousands of exhibits, providing quite a catalogue for this wonderful life long learning experience.  I hope I have been able to enthuse and educate others in the appreciation of so many intriguing breeds. I have always approached this task with diligence and I hope some grace. Thank you, exhibitors, for those many opportunities.

Judging has taken me to all states of Australia, many of the nation’s Royal Shows, even more prestigious Club shows and many shows in NZ.  Once upon a time I was on the management team and show manager for great shows with the Shorthair Cat Club and past Chair of the FCCV Judges Association.

Times have changed and probably so have I.  Regards to you all.

Geoff Beckett.   June  2020.

Telephone: 03 5427 0116

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